Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My 5th reflection - Our video editing session

My 5th Reflection
5th October 2010

We made some arrangement to meet up again, this time at McDonald’s. Despite being busy with our work, we were able to correspond with one another through emails and smses.
After dinner, we discussed what we had done and shared our ideas on ways to make improvement to the slides which we had put up on the Ulead software.  
We looked through our video slides and read the initiatives and the philosophy again. We decided to make some changes to the text and highlight the important aspects of the initiatives and the philosophy. I truly hoped that we were on the right track. I definitely would like to thank my group members Anom and Rini for their hard work and contribution to this project. Thank you to our IT expert, Rini for putting up the slides together with nice pictures and inspirational background music. Through cooperative learning, not only did I learn more about the current initiatives, I got to know our team’s strengths and weaknesses. I am glad to say that as a group, we have bonded well. It was indeed an enriching learning experience.

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