Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My 7th reflection – finding solutions

My 7th reflection

20 October 2010

 Another interesting night of solving Math problems and Dr Yeap got us to think about the PERI pedagogies – learning by inquiry, learning by interacting, learning by doing, learning in and of the real world, learning by reflecting.
The agenda is as follows:

1) Tiles Problem
2) Structure Problem
3) Circle Problem

I find that the tiles problem an interesting way to learn about area and perimeter. We were asked to find the number of tiles based on the given perimeter.  We also explored different ways to convert the circle into other shapes like a square, a triangle and a rectangle. We revised on the properties of the circle, how the diameter is related to the circumference as we tried to find ways of converting the area of the circle to other shapes. We tried different ways of finding the solutions. Dr Yeap allowed us to ask questions, communicate with our group members and we definitely learnt about looking for pattern structure, visualization, come up with different strategies,  through the hands-on session and by interacting with one another. Dr Yeap would get to explain the answers which we had come up with. Through reflection, we would know which strategies can be applied and which cannot. With the knowledge of the different ways by which pupils learn, we should bear that in mind when we plan lesson activities so as to provide opportunities for our pupils to develop their thinking and problem solving skills. Without thinking, there is no learning. Dr Yeap demonstrated the use of PERI pedagogies well in his lessons. Thank you Dr Yeap!

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